Trends and Benefits of Solar Training

January 26, 2010

By: Unitek Collge

The renewable energy industry has grown dramatically in the past few years; everywhere you turn, you hear about solar power and solar panels, wind farms and biofuels.  The solar industry, in particular, has become such a hot topic and so high in demand that there are some just waiting for the solar bubble to burst.  Every dog has its day, everybody has their fifteen minutes of fame, and the solar industry’s fifteen minutes was up a long time ago.

Not true.  Solar power took the stage and stayed on it, and the demand is only rising higher.  What financial people, marketing and trend studies are finding out is that, while the demand for solar products is high, there’s a huge shortage of qualified people with solar training to install PV (photovoltaics) systems, as well as many other areas.

States such as Oregon, Colorado, Arizona and New Jersey have policies that make them good places to start up or grow solar businesses, among many other states.  Solar integrators are looking at many new technologies, searching for better ways to harness solar energy.

PV technology, for instance, uses silicon to create energy when encountering light.  PV systems use the light photons that cause heat, and most modules are made with silicone wafers, soldered together in rows.  While many research and development programs are funded somewhat, most of it is driven by the private market.  This opens up “green jobs” in research and development, as well as manufacturing and installation in local communities.

Over the past twenty-five years or so, solar electric power systems have garnered a huge popularity in the business and private sectors.  Therefore, the local levels are also suffering a shortage of employees with solar training.  With the demand for PV products rising, those in the construction business such as general contractors, electricians, roofers and the like will need to be able to meet that demand.

Businesses, especially, are taking energy audits and looking at ways to reduce energy costs.  This is where those in the construction business can really benefit from solar training and certification, as well as learning “green” building.

Companies are becoming more interested in ways to save, from insulation, to lighting, to solar installation.  If a general contractor takes an interest in solar training, knows how to measure energy usage and knows how to reduce it, that’s a general contractor who will be in higher demand than others.

Roofers and electricians can also benefit from solar training.  Homeowners are starting to replace their old roofing tiles with solar PV arrays; a roofer who is also a qualified installer will be able to find more work.  However, sometimes the solar arrays won’t work on a roof and must be installed on the ground.  In this case, an electrician with solar training can find the perfect niche to work in.

As long as the upward trend continues in the solar industry; as long as people worry about the environment and global warming; as long as nations work together to make the world better, solar training will be a necessity in several walks of life.

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